Women in Social Enterprise Development

In recent years, women’s attendance to labour market substantially and taking part more active role in entrepreneurial activities have great importance for countries. Activating unused potential in labour market and creating new job area can be obtained by encouraging women’s engaging the social enterprises through using ICT tools; and this is stated by both academic circle and business world. Especially disadvantaged women need to recognize the power they have which will activate their potential in social and economic life. But to be successful in this program and the barriers that disadvantaged woman face, their working conditions, executing style, setting up business and strategy development, expectation of future, evaluation of their potential for organizational and environmental opportunities should be covered.

Therefore the target group of project; Local, immigrant, disadvantage and unemployed women. As published on the Social Affairs and Inclusion portal of the European Commission, “Social enterprises are an important driver for inclusive growth and play a key role in tackling current economic and environmental challenges, according to a report published by the European Commission. Yet, only seven countries (Bulgaria, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Sweden, and United Kingdom) have a policy framework in place to encourage and support the development of social enterprises.”

Social Enterprises represent actually one of the most innovative way to develop inclusive politics based on solidarity, and this is the main reason why WISED project wants to offer to local, immigrant, disadvantage, unemployed women the information and the specific skills to have a simple access in SE.